Mock Interviews with Hiring Managers for Software Engineering Positions

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A mock interview is a simulation of an actual job interview that allows candidates to practice their interview skills.

In each mock interview session, we have interviewers involved in hiring processes and hiring decisions, from team members to hiring managers. All interviewers will conduct the mock interview exactly as they do in real life.

Interviewers will provide immediate constructive feedback to the candidates regarding their performance, covering what went well and what could be improved.

Please note: this event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel. Therefore, candidates will be participating anonymously to feel safe about their performance and identity.

Each session lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes total and engages two-three candidates. Each candidate will be interviewed for 30-45 minutes.

The main steps:
1. The interview starts with the basic question, “Tell me about yourself and what did you do in your last project?” The time limit is 4 minutes; therefore, we recommend practicing with timing before the session. You will be cut off after the 4 minutes expire.
2. Follow-up questions from interviewers (25-35 min) and tech/coding challenges.
3. The feedback stage takes 5 minutes.
You can check the previous recordings here to know what to expect.

At the moment, we are hosting mock interviews for Software Dev and QA Engineer (Manual and Automation) positions. Anyone with a valid resume can participate.

For graduates:
Graduates from any school/college are welcomed to participate. Even if you don’t have prior experience, you can show school/independent projects.

Warning: We do not accept candidates with resumes that include feigned experience. Please make sure to remove all dishonest info before sending your resume. Our experts perform a background check to spot dishonest claims.

For listeners: If you want to participate as a listener and not as a candidate, join our Meetup Group.

For hiring managers: Fill out this Application form.

For candidates:
1. Record a 4-minute video responding to the question, “Tell me about yourself and what did you do in your last project?”
Please make sure to turn on the camera. This video will not be disclosed and shared with anyone.
2. Upload the video to any cloud storage platform or YT and get the shareable link.
3. Fill out this Application form.
By filling out the Application form, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

After you submit the application
Your application will be analyzed within a few days. If the results are positive, you will be put on the waiting list. You will be invited to our Slack channel to be informed when your mock interview will take place.

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Mock Interview Application

Recordings of previous sessions on our YouTube channel

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